Cute Things To Say To GF

61. “I am the luckiest man in the world to have you by my side.”

62. “Even though I could live without you, I would be miserable every second of the day.”

63. “Eternity is what I felt when I spent my life looking for the one I love. Now that I have found you, I want to be together for eternity and not a day less.”

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64. “I become speechless and breathless every time you walk into the room.”

65. “If I was diabetic, I would be in trouble because you’re so sweet I would go into shock.”

66. “As long as I have arms, you’ll have a place to run to when you’re scared.”

67. “Falling in love is great, but being in love with you is even better.”

68. “Whatever you need, I will provide it. Whenever I need, you must give me love.”

69. “I always heard people say that love makes a person vulnerable. When I am with you, I feel empowered.”

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70. “If you’re going to spank me every time I am bad, I am just going to be even worse.”

71. “Love is always going to be scary; love can always go away. I want to be scared forever with you.”

72. “I hate admitting things. I hate wanting things. But I will admit that I’ve never wanted another person the same way I want you.”

73. “I have a million dreams at night, and they all start and end with you.”

74. “Until my dying day, I will find reason after reason to keep you by my side.”

75. “My soul is like a bird singing to your soul and telling it how much I love you.”

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76. “If I were a bird, I would grow the brightest feathers and do the best dance to win your heart.”

77. “I find myself waking up every morning saying your name.”

78. “When I first met you, I saw perfection. When I realized that you had flaws, I fell for you even more.”

79. “Who knew that the one thing that could get me through the day would be your voice?”

80. “Every time I am free, I let my thoughts wander and allow them to go wherever they desire. Every time, they end up thinking about you.”


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31. “I think of you and kiss my pillow before I fall asleep every night.”

32. “You´d better direct that beauty somewhere else, you´ll set the carpet on fire.”

33. “You are mine and only mine. All rights reserved!”

34. “You look so cute when you laugh.”

35. “You have the most beautiful smile in the world and a heart to match.”

36. “Bee loves honey; Miss love money; Flower love dew; But… I LOVE YOU.”

37. “How do you look so beautiful all the time?”

38. “I would have gifted you a cute puppy, but I did not as I would be jealous of the puppy for being with you.”

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39. “If I were a stop light, I´d turn red every time you passed by, just so I could stare at you a bit longer.”

40. “I could cuddle with you like this forever… and be the happiest man alive.”


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